Zynga Poker Bot Lite 5 Download

This is a limited bot for use on facebook zynga poker.

What can it do ?

  • It can play hands for you.
  • It can buy back in if lose.
  • It can play on tables upto $50 chips Big Blind.
  • It can call all big blinds or just one.

What can't it do that Zynga Poker Bot 2011 can?

  • It can't bank chips.
  • It can't pick its own room.
  • It can't tell how many chips it has.
  • It can't do many many more things Zynga Poker Bot 2010 can.

What is its intended use ?

  • To show that our bots work.
  • Play for you while you are away from keyboard for a short time, for instance if you need to take a shit, but dont want to lose your seat, you can start zynga poker bot lite, and it will take over while you empty out.

Does it work on all computers ?

  • It works on most windows systems from XP onwards, although on the odd occaision it might not work straight away, but that is usually down to user error, and lack of computer savvy.

What are the bare basics I need to know to get started ?

  • In your browser, you dont want to see this[image]
  • But you do want to see this[image]
  • It is reccommended you disable Aerogless if enabled.
  • It is essential you disable cleartype font smoothing.

Ok, so where do I get it ?